Pitch your #SIF14 talk – vote for your favourite #SIF14-talks

The purpose of the #SIF14 Unconference is to increase the interactivity of the conference and make the most of the great body of knowledge and ideas gathered at #SIF14. At the Unconference sessions, all content is provided by the participants. This makes it a democratic and interactive format. Two separate Unconference sessions will be held at the #SIF14 Unconference, each with five parallel talks, which means that you will be able to attend two different sessions.

Pitching your #SIF14 talk – starting today, last day to pitch is 12 May, 12.00 (CET)

#SIF14 participants are able to present and pitch their #SIF14 talk below. It is free for all #SIF14 participants to hold a #SIF14 talk. Each #SIF14 talk is about 60 minutes long and the topic should in some way relate to internet freedom, preferably in a development context. The talk may take the form of a debate, lecture, presentation or fishbowls, panel sessions or any other format you can think of. Remember that interactivity usually makes a session more vibrant and interesting. We provide the venue – you provide the content and discussion.

How it works:
- Describe your pitch with a well-thought-out title and write it in the form below. (Please note, if anyone else has used the same word in their pitch, two buttons appear and, to continue, click the ‘Post a new idea’ button.)
- In the field below, write a few sentences about your SIF14 talk. Describe (maximum 255 characters) the subject of your #SIF14 talk, the format your #SIF14 talk will take and also add a few words about yourself.
- When you are satisfied with your pitch, click the ‘Post idea’ button.
- Now it is up to you to make sure you get as many votes as possible.

Voting for the #SIF14 talks of your choice – last day to vote is 12 May, 12.00 (CET).

#SIF14 participants are able to vote for their favourite SIF14 talks below. Every user has ten votes each to give to the pitches he or she prefers.

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    Pitch your #SIF14 talk – vote for your favourite #SIF14-talks

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